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My name is Brandon D. and I am a third year BioResource and Agricultural Engineering major.  I am writing in regard to David Everest of Learning Unlimited math tutoring service.  I am not sure if you are aware of the dramatic improvement that he is making in many students lives.

Last spring quarter I was on academic probation and struggling to even pass calculus 2.  I still had to take calculus 3 and calculus 4, and I had major doubts in my mind about sticking with my goal of trying to become an engineer.  In fact, my academic advisor recommended to me that I consider choosing another major, and I had many discussions with my family on whether or not I had what it took to become an engineer.  In my desperate search for help to improve my academic status I found a flyer of David’s up in my math class.  His flyer said that he was a former instructor at UC Davis and that he has been teaching math privately for over twenty years.  I thought that this was exactly what I was looking for to help me in math, so I gave him a call.  This was a major turning point in my academic life, and the best thing that I ever could have done for myself at that time.  He saw something in me that I had never even seen myself – that I really could succeed in math if I just approached it with a different strategy.  He realized that I was having problems because I didn’t have a good understanding of the basics so we arranged for an intense six-week period of review over the summer to get me up to speed for calculus 3.  He assured me that he could get me up to par to do well in that class.  I really didn’t believe at that time that I would be getting A’s on my math tests in calculus 3, but little did I know I would.

Over the summer I learned that not only is David a remarkable teacher, he was getting ideas across to me better than any other teacher ever has.  He is patient, kind, and has the power to understand what his students need to succeed in the next math class.  He gave me confidence in math when I had major math anxiety, by starting me off at the basics and building my skills from the bottom up.  David analyzed my situation and me and gave me self-belief that I should stick with my major and become an engineer.  At the end of the six-weeks over summer I had developed a great respect for David and for what he was doing to help me succeed.  His method of teaching was to guide me into discovering ideas for myself, instead of just working problems out for me.  He taught me that just getting the right answer was not the goal; I needed to understand what all this stuff actually meant and he gave me the tools to do that.  I felt fully prepared to go into calculus 3, but decided I would still see David for more sessions throughout fall quarter.  To my surprise I was doing great in calculus 3.  I ended up achieving my goal of getting an A on a midterm; in fact, I was first in my class on that test.  I could not believe that with hard work from me, David had taken me from an F to an A.  Really, when I think about it, David changed my life.  He did so much more than just help me out in math; he changed my overall self-confidence, and gave me the right problem-solving tools to succeed at anything that I try to accomplish.  I am now doing well on my own with the skills that David Everest has shown me.

I have no doubt that David has had a similar effect on other students, because he goes far beyond what a regular tutor normally does.  He has taught me how to learn, not just how to learn math.  His unique teaching style and thorough knowledge of mathematics has turned me from a student on academic probation to one who, I am confident, will become a successful engineer.  I would highly recommend him to anyone needing any kind of help in math.

-Brandon D.

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