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Photo of David with a studentTestimonials & References ...

Here are some of the many testimonials that our former students have written.  We made such a significant difference in their academic situations that they wanted to let others know what they had experienced.  We have also included references from some of our students' parents, as well as from a senior university professor.

As dramatic as the results were for these students, please note that these results are typical.  Unlike most incredible success stories that have a little footnote next to them saying “results are not typical,” we are saying exactly the opposite.  Virtually all of our students have felt the same as the students who wrote these letters.  And if we work with you, chances are you will feel the same way too.

If you decide that you are seriously interested in working with us, we can arrange for you to speak directly with some of our former students or their parents.  We can also refer you to university faculty and staff who are well acquainted with our work.  You will find that it is easy to independently verify that we are as good as we claim to be, and we encourage you to do so.

“ ... But what David did was very different.  He gave me clear-cut steps to approach each problem with, so I always knew exactly what to do.  I just followed the steps he taught me and the problem would solve itself ...”

-Clay K., Student
Read the full text of Clay’s letter

“... Having David work with our son turned out to be one of the best financial investments we could have ever made ...”

-Carol G., Parent
Read the full text of Carol’s letter

“... The student was well prepared and did very well; in fact, he ranked near the top of the class.  This was a remarkable turnaround and accomplishment ...”

-Dr. Jack Girolo, Professor of Mathematics
Read the full text of Dr. Girolo’s letter

“... I ended up achieving my goal of getting an A on the midterm; in fact, I was first in my class on that test.  I could not believe that with hard work from me, David had taken me from an F to an A.  Really, when I think about it, David changed my life ..."

-Brandon D., Student
Read the full text of Brandon’s letter

“... I am very thankful that I met David Everest because he has discovered from his many years of teaching the easiest and most efficient way for anyone to make it through their math classes ...”

-Trevor G., Student
Read the full text of Trevor’s letter

“... As a parent who has witnessed confusion and frustration change to confidence and ability, I highly recommend David Everest to struggling math students who seriously want to effect positive change and salvage their academic careers ...”

-Colleen R., Parent
Read the full text of Colleen’s letter



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