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To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to express my gratitude to David Everest of Learning Unlimited for his tutoring work with our son, Trevor.  Having David work with our son turned out to be one of the best financial investments we could have ever made.  When Trevor first went to Learning Unlimited, his confidence was at an all time low.  He had already failed second quarter calculus, and was not only questioning his ability to make it through his math classes, but was also questioning his ability to succeed in anything.  Trevor is very intelligent and easily got good grades in high school, but now he was failing at college.  His confidence was shattered, he was confused and depressed, and the cost to both him and our family, in both emotional and financial terms, was enormous.

Then Trevor came across David Everest, an accomplished instructor who radiates competence and is clearly one of the best at what he does.  He puts 100% of himself into his teaching, and routinely went above and beyond the time he was paid for.  He kept my husband and myself updated on Trevor’s progress at every step along the way.  He gave Trevor not only the knowledge necessary to succeed in calculus at college, but also the problem solving skills and study skills necessary to succeed in any class.  The superior quality of his instruction was obvious.  Trevor went from failing calculus to getting A’s – near the top of his class, no less – but the even more significant result is that his confidence has returned in full force, and he is once again the positive, happy Trevor that he used to be.

Although David is obviously more expensive than other tutors in the area, we most definitely feel that we got our money’s worth, if not more.  It was a great comfort – and relief – knowing that Trevor had someone of David Everest’s caliber and experience in his corner, and it was obvious to us that he was providing Trevor with a clear path out of his struggles with math.  Trevor’s stress about the whole situation diminished immediately, and the value of that was priceless.  Furthermore, since calculus was required for most of Trevor’s classes in his major, there was a significant and direct financial cost to having Trevor failing his math classes, as this was delaying his progress at college and therefore his entry into the workplace.  Considering the bleak situation Trevor was facing, and the knowledge, skills, and confidence that he now has after working with David, we have no doubt that David’s instruction was more than worth what we paid.

I can also attest to David’s professionalism and integrity.  An example that comes to mind is an instance when I erroneously sent a check out to Learning Unlimited for an amount higher than I should have.  It was a simple bookkeeping error on my part, but the nature of the error was such that it was obvious that I probably never would have caught it.  In spite of this, David informed me of the overpayment immediately.  I am normally quite skeptical of people, but David has proven his professionalism to me on a consistent basis.  I have come to trust him completely, not only in the context of financial interactions, but also in terms of his judgment on what is best for Trevor’s mathematical education.

In closing, I would recommend Learning Unlimited’s services without reservation to any parent who wants to end their child’s struggle in math once and for all, with their confidence renewed, and their grades improved.

-Carol G.

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