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My name is Clay K. and I am a Construction Management major.  I excel in many areas but math was just never my thing.  Two quarters of calculus are required for my major so I definitely had a problem, especially since I had already failed pre-calculus once in college and was on the road to failing for my second time.  When I was having this much trouble in pre-calculus it seemed like I would never make it through calculus.

David Everest of Learning Unlimited tutoring service turned it all around for me.  He was able to translate everything I saw in class into plain English in a way I had never thought possible.  I had seen other tutors before I went to him but they were basically a waste of time and money.  They would just work problems out for me without explaining how they knew to solve the problem the way they did.  It would kind of make sense at the time but when I tried to do my homework or a test problem by myself I didn’t even know how to start.  But what David did was very different.  He gave me clear-cut steps to approach each problem with, so I always knew exactly what to do.  I just followed the steps he taught me and the problem would solve itself.

The tutors I went to before I met David Everest would always ask me to tell them what I was confused about, and I never knew what to say.  Obviously there was a problem because I was failing exams, but I was never able to figure out what it was.  David approached things very differently.  While I could always stop him to ask any question I wanted, he took charge of the session and told me what I needed to know.  I didn’t have to know what questions to ask in order for him to help me.  He laid out a clear step-by-step roadmap I needed to follow to get through calculus as quickly and as easily as possible.  All I had to do was follow his guidance and I was done with math.  He even allowed me to call him with questions as late at night as I needed.

His style of teaching is hands-on.  He would explain a little bit of theory but he mainly taught by working through a series of hand-picked problems with me that would help me to realize stuff on my own.  What he did was very subtle and I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  The problems we worked through were all so easy it would seem at first that I wasn’t learning anything, but by the end of the session all of a sudden I could do the hardest problems in the section without any difficulty.  Not only would I arrive at the right answer, I understood the theory as well.

The problems he worked through with me were obviously intended for the specific way I learned things.  Each of them would illustrate a point in a way that made that point totally obvious.  If for any reason I didn’t understand something, he would make up new examples on the spot that would get his point across.  He seemed almost to know my questions before I would ask them, and would clear points up before I got confused.  David’s patience is un-paralleled as well.  The difference between working with David and other tutors I had seen before him was overwhelming.

I strongly believe that Learning Unlimited is by far the best option for students who want to stop doing things the hard way and just want to get their math over with.  Even though I did OK in math in high school, calculus turned out to be way harder than I first thought, and I wasted an entire year because I tried to do it without help from someone with David Everest’s experience and abilities.  But thanks to David Everest and Learning Unlimited, I made it through calculus without any problem, and I even began to enjoy the subject.

-Clay K.

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