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I am Trevor G. and I am a college student who has just completed my second year as a Materials Engineering major.  I have also just completed the calculus series from Calculus 1 to Calculus 4, and thanks to David Everest’s help over the past year, I not only got good grades in these classes, but for the first time with math I actually understood what I was doing.  His enthusiasm for the subject is contagious and helped motivate me to do my best.  But David Everest is not just an outstanding math tutor, he is an amazing mentor and friend to any who seek his help.  I really had no idea how to be a good student before I met him but now I am a student capable of achieving anything I desire.  He has taught me much more than just calculus, he taught me study skills and problem-solving skills so that I could learn calculus, or any subject really, on my own.  Now I am confident that I can learn whatever I want, and so now I can achieve whatever I want.

In the summer after my freshman year I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life.  My grades from the previous spring quarter were pretty bad, I had just failed Calculus 2 and I had no idea what to do.  It took me awhile to contact David because prior to college I was a good student in high school able to get good grades without even trying.  When I got to college things changed because now I was competing with the best of the best.  Doing what I had done in high school wasn’t going to work anymore but I had never learned how to study and so my downward spiral began.

Over the summer David Everest helped me out of this horrible rut and I slowly got back on my feet.  He started me off by giving me a review of the basics.  This was a little difficult for me to accept at first because I was really sure that I had the basics down cold, but David insisted that I didn’t have the level of understanding necessary to do well in my classes.  Because of his qualifications I decided to trust his judgment, and this turned out to be one of the smartest things I ever did.  It saved me so much time in the end.  I now see that the level of understanding needed to do well in college is a lot higher than the level of understanding necessary to do well in high school.  Once I had the basics down, my math classes became so incredibly much easier I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.  Looking back I realize now that I wasted so much time thinking my way of learning math was the quickest and easiest, when really I was doing things the hard and slow way.  I am very thankful that I met David Everest because he has discovered from his many years of teaching the easiest and most efficient way for anyone to make it through their math classes.

He also spent a lot of time teaching me problem solving techniques that I could use to solve any math problem I was given.  Before he taught me these I used to have a really hard time knowing how to start a problem.  I would just sit and stare at it.  Sometimes I knew how to start a problem but then would get stuck in the middle and would not know what to do next.  If someone showed me the solution it might make sense, but I obviously needed to know how to do problems myself.  David helped me with this by showing me specific things to look for in each problem and specific steps to follow at each point in a problem.  He showed me things to look for that all math problems have in common.  I have been able to use these skills in my other courses too.  These skills were probably one of the most valuable things that David taught me.

When I entered Calculus 2 in the fall of my sophomore year I was prepared to do well, but I ended up doing even better than I thought I would.  I got an A in Calculus 2, but what I’m the most proud of is getting an A in Calculus 4 this past spring.  This is a really hard class, probably one of the hardest classes I’ll ever take at college, and I finished it near the top of the class!  I never could have done this without David Everest’s help, guidance, and inspiration.

I hope that anyone reading this letter will realize what an amazing tutor David Everest really is.  I was completely confused in math before I met him, and now it all seems so easy to me I can’t even remember what was hard about it.  My only regret is that I didn’t get help from him earlier because I would have saved myself a lot of trouble.  I would give David the highest recommendation possible.

-Trevor G.

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