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David is a former instructor for University of California at Davis, and was consistently rated by students there as one of the best.  He founded Learning Unlimited in 1988, and other than a couple of years working in the computer graphics industry, he has been teaching math as a full time profession ever since.  Nicole has been teaching math since 1991 and joined David at Learning Unlimited in 1994.  Together we have helped thousands of students turn their math frustrations into math successes (see our Teaching Method).

In 1998 we developed a way to teach one-on-one, interactively, and in real-time over the Internet, so that the online session is TOTALLY equivalent to the in-person experience.  This has nothing to do with zoom; we don't like zoom and would never use it to teach. Our system is much better and does not involve any cameras, typing, or clicking.  With our system, we both write and talk just like we would in person.  As a result, we now teach students from universities around the country.

We are happy to give you a quick demonstration of our online tutoring capability (no special equipment is necessary), so you can see for yourself that this is still one-on-one, live tutoring - we're right there with you the whole time - and that an online session is 100% equivalent to the in-person experience.  We were the first ones in the country to teach interactively online at the university level, so we do have a system set up that is very impressive (see Our Guarantee).



Call or text us at 805-441-1124 or Email us at Info@EndYourMathStress.com