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Our number one priority is to help you get a good grade in your math class.  Like it or not, that is how universities measure success, so although understanding the material is obviously important, it doesn’t help you much if it doesn't translate into a good grade.  Furthermore, since calculus is a prerequisite for the vast majority of your classes, we also understand the importance of getting through your math classes as soon as possible.  You have our commitment that good GRADES and forward PROGRESS are always our primary goal.

Photo of David with a studentThat being said, we want to emphasize the enormous value of truly understanding what all this math actually MEANS.  Math is the language of all science and engineering, so if you truly understand your math classes, then your later classes will be infinitely easier.  If you only know how to get the right answers by just blindly manipulating formulas and rules that don’t really have any meaning to you, then you may get through the class you’re in at the moment, but you’re just setting yourself up for way more work down the road.  Obviously, that's not a good idea.

If we end up working together, our main focus will definitely be the GRADE for the class you're in NOW.  But as we're giving you definitive procedures for working through all the problems, we will also be explaining the real meaning behind the math.  We're going to give you an intuitive level of understanding on how each of these math concepts relates to the real world and to each other.  We're going to teach you specific problem-solving skills and techniques that will enable you to attack any problem - even the hardest of word problems - with total confidence.  We're going to show you how to learn with maximum efficiency, so you can spend less time studying and still accomplish what you need to.

In other words, we're going to give you the firm foundation in the fundamentals that will make your future classes, both in math and in your major, a whole lot easier.

We guarantee it.



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