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Our Guarantee ...

We have had such amazing results with so many students that we can offer the strongest guarantee you will find anywhere.  Come see us for at least three hours of tutoring.  By the end of the third hour ...

  • We GUARANTEE that we will give you realistic and achievable ways to significantly improve your academic situation, no matter how bleak it may appear right now.
  • We GUARANTEE that you will be certain you are getting absolutely, positively, the best math instruction you could have ever hoped for.
  • We GUARANTEE that you will feel our tutoring is worth every penny.
  • We GUARANTEE that we explain things in such plain English that every concept we cover – even the really hard ones – will be totally understandable and 100% crystal clear.
  • We GUARANTEE that you will feel our Teaching Method is highly effective and exactly what you are looking for.
  • We GUARANTEE that your math stress will melt away because you will realize you are being guided and supported by true professionals, who have a proven track record of turning even the most difficult academic situations into success stories.
  • We GUARANTEE that we provide a relaxed atmosphere for you to learn in, where you can ask any question in the world without ever being talked down to.
  • We GUARANTEE that we always treat you with respect.
  • We GUARANTEE all of the above, or you will be entitled to a FULL refund for all three hours.

How can we offer such an incredible guarantee?  Because our unique teaching method has a 100% success rate.  Yes, one hundred percent.  No matter how confused or frustrated you are, we will explain things in such a straightforward manner that you will easily master them – even the hardest of the hard concepts!  We’ve done this for thousands of students and we can do it for you too (see our Testimonials & References).

Since we began offering this money-back guarantee over twenty years ago, no one has ever asked for a refund.  Not even once.



Call or text us at 805-441-1124 or Email us at Info@EndYourMathStress.com