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Because of the unique level of academic support we offer (see our Testimonials & References), we have a different pricing structure than most other tutors.  We charge by the session instead of by the hour because each session includes much more than just the time we spend in person with you.

Each session includes a couple hours of our preparation time to design customized explanations and illustrative examples for your own specific way of learning (this is what it takes to do it right!), and then 1½ hours of one-on-one time with you where we will explain the material, work through multiple examples, and go over homework problems.  Sometimes the sessions can run even longer if we’re in the middle of an important concept, at no additional charge (see our Teaching Method).

Each session also includes extra help over the phone if you get stuck on any problems or concepts before we next see you.  We’re available whenever you need us – at midnight, if necessary.  Other time spent assisting you between sessions, such as helping you choose classes or instructors, speaking with your instructors on your behalf (if you request it), preparing review sheets for exams, etc., is also included in the cost of the sessions.

The cost for each session ranges from $480 to $540, depending on your individual academic circumstances (please call us for an exact price for your particular situation).  This may initially sound like more than you were expecting, but in the long run we are really very cost-effective.  That's because we do more than just tutor.  We transform entire academic situations, and turn struggling (or even failing) students into highly successful ones.  Remember, after seeing us for three hours of instruction, if there is ANY doubt in your mind that we really can do this, then our services are free.

Also, keep in mind that our get-to-the-point style of tutoring allows us to cover an unusually large amount of material during each session, while still remaining at a relaxed, easy-going pace.  Unlike non-professional tutors, we don’t just put a band-aid on a problem today only to have that same problem come back and waste your time and money later.  We get to the heart of the problem, fix it, and GET IT OVER WITH.

Our students (and their parents) consistently tell us that it was their experience that you get what you pay for with math tutoring.  It simply is less expensive – and quicker – to just have it explained right the first time.  Many of our students had previously tried other seemingly less expensive, non-professional tutors, only to find that their money – and a significant amount of their time – had gone down the drain.  But that can’t happen with us because we GUARANTEE you’ll be certain our tutoring is worth every penny ... or it’s free!  (see Our Guarantee)



Call or text us at 805-441-1124 or Email us at Info@EndYourMathStress.com