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For Construction Management Majors ...

We get it.  If you had a choice between having surgery without anesthetic or doing math, you probably would choose the surgery!  You are in college because you want to learn construction management, not because you want to learn calculus (or pre-calculus).  You don’t see how you will ever use calculus at the job site or at the office, and you’re frustrated that you are required to endure all this math.

Does this sound like you?  We work with a lot of construction management majors and this describes the vast majority.  We want you to know that we understand your goals with regards to math.  You just want to get through it.  Period.  You are not interested in learning about all the wonderful things calculus can do for mankind, and we’re not going to waste your time teaching you that (unless, of course, you request it!).  You have our commitment to teach you ONLY what you need to get through the class with a good grade, and no more.  Our only goal is to get you through your math as QUICKLY and as EFFICIENTLY as possible, and with a minimal amount of stress on you.

Photo of Nicole with a studentYou don’t want fluff.  You don’t want explanations using a bunch of math symbols.  You just want a plain English, get-to-the-point translation of your math classes, so you can get them over with and move on to what you came here for: construction management.

So why does the CM department require you to learn calculus?  Are they just trying to make your life difficult?  No, not at all.  The CM department has very good reasons for making you take all this math.  Although they realize it’s unlikely you’ll actually use calculus itself after you graduate, they also know that you WILL use the problem-solving skills that making it through calculus will force you to acquire.  They know that calculus is so tough that you simply can’t get through it by using the high school strategy of just mastering patterns and getting partial credit on tests.  They realize that you’ll be competing with engineers in calculus, and in order to do so successfully, you will have to master a logical, effective, and methodical approach to solving problems.

And believe it or not, the skills you will develop to solve these math problems will be skills you can utilize to solve problems at the job site, in the office, or just in everyday life.  And these skills are exactly what we teach you!

We guarantee it.



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