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For Majors Not Based Around Math ...

We understand.  Math isn’t exactly your favorite subject, to say the least.  In fact, we’d guess that if you had to choose between cutting off your right arm or doing word problems ... it would be a tough decision to make!  After all, the reason they invented word problems MUST have been to make math students suffer!

Can you relate?  We work with a lot of students who have majors that are not based around math, and we want you to know that we understand your goals as far as math is concerned.  You just want to get it over with.  Done.  Finished.  Gone forever.  You don’t want explanations using a lot of math symbols and math jargon.  You just want a plain English explanation of what you’ll be tested on, so you can get your math requirement over with.  You want to be shown straightforward steps to approach each problem with, so no matter how difficult it is, you’ll always know exactly how to proceed.  And it wouldn’t hurt to be shown how all this math will be applied in real life either.

Photo of Nicole with a studentEverything we do is highly customized for the particular needs of our students.  For instance, we explain the material only in the level of detail that is necessary for YOUR specific math requirement.  We don’t water it down just because your major is not based around math, but we do present it in such a way that always keeps in mind how you will ultimately be using it.  We will still show you how to master the concepts taught in class, how to work out all the problems correctly, and how to apply the math where you’ll need it in YOUR major.  We just won’t be wasting your time going into details that are not absolutely necessary for YOUR particular situation.  This will make learning the math much more efficient, a lot less work, and way less stressful.

We guarantee it.



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