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For Architecture Majors ...

We tutor a lot of architecture students, and we know what you're going through.  You are an artist, not a mathematician, and you want to design buildings, not do calculus.  And if you're like most of the architecture students we have taught over the years, calculus will be your biggest challenge at college.  Once you get through calculus, everything gets a lot easier.  But you’ve got to get through calculus first!

Why do you even need calculus anyway?  Because successful architects design buildings that the architectural engineers can actually build, which means you need to have a good background in physics and architectural engineering to make sure that your designs are solid.  And these courses are based around calculus.

Photo of David with a studentSo we want you to know that we tutor our architecture students with the specific needs of your major in mind.  We are quite familiar with the physics and architectural engineering courses you’ll eventually be taking, and we explain the math in a way that will enable you to excel in these other classes as well.  Of course, our main priority is the GRADE for the math class you’re in NOW.  But while we’re showing you definitive procedures for working through all the math problems, we’ll be presenting the concepts in a way that will prepare you for the physics and architectural engineering courses you’ll take later.  Many of the examples we’ll use to illustrate concepts in your math class will be taken directly from architectural engineering applications.  We’ll teach you specific problem-solving techniques that can be applied not only to math problems, but to your other classes as well.  We’ll show you how calculus relates to architectural concepts in the real world.

In other words, although you have our commitment that our main focus will definitely be the grade in your current math course, we’re also going to make sure that when it comes time to USE calculus in your physics and architectural engineering courses, you will know exactly what to do.

We guarantee it.



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