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Our teaching method is results-oriented and has a 100% success rate.  If you have been to other tutors before then you will probably find working with us to be a very different experience.  We don’t just lecture the material or work problems out while you watch.  Why not?  Because just telling someone what to do is not an effective way to get a point across.  It’s much more effective to have you EXPERIENCE why you should work problems out the way we suggest.  Therefore, we’ve adopted a totally hands-on approach.  That is, you will learn by DOING, not by listening to us talk.

Photo of David with a studentWe first determine the particular way that YOU learn most easily.  Then we design a sequence of highly customized problems that, as we work through them together, will allow you to effortlessly discover each new concept on your own.  We’re right there with you as you do all this, giving you a nudge in the right direction if you start to go off-course, but you will be the one in the driver’s seat.

We are very skilled at designing problems that will be relatively easy for you to solve, but as we work through them together, will each clearly illustrate a new concept that we want to convey.  This makes learning math about as painless as it can get.  Furthermore, we design these problems around the specific way that YOU learn most comfortably.  You’ll find each step along the way practically trivial, but by the end of the session we will have you doing the hardest problems you’ve been assigned.

Our teaching style is informal and laid-back.  Some students have told us that until they met us, they were a little concerned that because of our qualifications and experience getting tutoring from us might be a little intimidating and intense.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Although our sessions are efficient, productive, and results-oriented, we achieve this by providing you with a relaxed atmosphere that you can truly learn in.  We both have an offbeat sense of humor, and most of our students tell us that our unique personalities actually make these sessions relatively enjoyable.  Of course, learning math is never going to literally be fun.  After all, it is math!  But after 28 years, we’ve learned how to make it as easy on you as possible (see our Testimonials & References).

We guarantee it.



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